Minecraft labyrinth of the Cathedral of Reims

I discovered Minecraft lately, and immediately I felt the urge to build something huge. After extensive testing in survival mode, I switched to Creative mode to give free rein to my imagination.

Today, I present a construction so cool which will serve as an annex to my castle, the labyrinth of the cathedral of Reims. For those who live in France, all of you have already seen this famous drawing that appears on signs signaling a historic building:

After a few researches, here’s the path of the labyrinth:

Now, let’s get serious.

First, we must define the work area. To do this, calculate precisely the size in “pixels” (by 1 pixel = 1 cubic Minecraft) of your maze. I calculated that the square part (excluding corners) was 106 pixels from side to side. I rounded up to 150 pixels for the whole. So I drew a “rule” to align my labyrinth of my castle:

This rule consists of 5 blocks of cobblestones. I also put signs: 5, 10, 15 … to see where I am without any recount. Then I marked the center point:

From this central point simply divide the area into 4 parts to make, in the end, a square:

Then, just fill:

Cover with grass:

Next, just start to create the layout of the maze:

Here the model of “corners”, the most difficult to define:

Et voilà!:

Tip: to make something beautiful, use the “leaves” block. The only problem is, the leaves tend to decay by itself. In case of problems, look after the mod “NoLeafDecay”.

For questions, please leave a comment!

  • Predato

    Excellent, excellent work man!
    I’m currently trying to build this, but no matter how long I spend time with it and no matter how much I toil, I always end up failing. Obviously Minecraft isn’t for me…
    But do you by any chance have more precise instructions?

    • deadbird

      Hi, and thanks 😉
      Unfortunately, I have no further explanations ti give about this maze 🙁 Maybe a piece of advice: I use 5*5mm grided paper sheets to draw my things before I actually build them. By closely looking at how maze’s corners are made, you should be able to built something close 😉