Backing up your WordPress site

You have noticed, the site has undergone a little downtime these past two days. Nothing serious, my database had self-destroyed …
Yet the site was back on his feet in less than 30 minutes, thanks to a backup system. And I will explain you how to never lose anything!

First, you need a dropbox account and a GMail address. You’ll see why shortly. Once done, go to the next step.

We will, in the first place, take care of your database. It contains all data necessary for the proper functioning of your site. Without it, nothing. This is the part of your WordPress site which varies the most. We will use a plugin that allows you to save it at regular intervals. I use WP DB Backup, but keep in mind that there are many others. Nevertheless, it is easy to configure, fast and reliable.

To install it, go to the “Install extensions” page and search for “WP DB Backup”:

Click on “Install now”, activate it and to to its configuration page: “Tools” -> “Backup”.

There you have three sections, but only the third one is interesting: “Scheduled backup”:

Here, simply fill the destination email address, choose the frequency and select all tables in the right column. These tables are optional, but you never know! Finally, click on “Schedule Backup” and presto, here we go. I use a dedicated GMail address and I get backups of my database every hour.

Now let’s backup the website itself. Because the database does not contains datas such as medias (images, videos…) included within your articles, some key settings (such as database access datas for example!)…

To backup all this crap, we are going to use another plugin: Backup to Dropbox. Same method: plugins, add, install, activate. Then, go to the “Settings” -> “Backup to dropbox” page. You will be asked to authorize the plugin to acces you Dropbox account. To do so, follow the instructions. If everything works fine, you should get something like this:

You will certainly say that Backup to Dropbox also backups the database, so what’s the point of using WP DB Backup then? Well, simply because the WP DB Backup can backup the database more often than Backup to dropbox, which is limited to once a day.

So much for this little tutorial. Feel free to comment if you have ideas, questions, insults…