Jailbroken iPhone: my very own setup

I’ve had an iPhone since the 3G. It kinda changed the way I use phones and computers: as I bought it I stepped into the world of Apple. And I wasn’t disappointed at all. It made me discover the world of Apple computers, and now I’m full-Mac.

But that’s not the point here. Some iPhone user know well what Jailbreak is. Once jailbroken, you can install on your iPhone some great tweaks, but although most of those in favour of jailbreak say it’s 100% safe, my experience says that’s it’s not. I’ve crashed beyond recovery a 3G and a 3GS iPhone and had it changed. And I had to recover my successive phones many times. Why? Because of packages being incompatibles between them, most of the time. Many tweaks hook themselves deep inside iOS’ core, so if you like fiddling your system: beware. I also noticed that some tweaks considerably slow your iPhone. Therefore, I tried to banish them.

This way, I made a selection of cool tweaks that will not crash your iPhone, make it even cooler and won’t slow it. First, I have an iPhone 4, 32Gb, iOS 5.1. I’ve jailbroken it using tethered tool called redSn0w. Once you’re done, add these sources:

  • http://repo.insanelyi.com
  • http://cydia.hackulo.us
  • http://cydia.xsellize.com

I know what you’re thinking: these repos contains loads of cracked software. but it’s your choice: once you’ve tested it, you can buy it.

Here are my advice. Remember, this is only my opinion: if you don’t agree, just let me know, but please don’t flame.

First, here’s the list of tweaks that I don’t recommend:

  • Winterboard and themes: this is probably the tweak that will affect the most your iPhone’s performance. And the more you theme it, the more sluggish it will be. I’ve testes it extensively over years, and I won’t install it anymore.
  • Activator: although it’s a wonderful tweak that will not slow or crash your phone in any way, most of the software that rely on it have an impact on global performance. I noticed that it somehow interfere with iOS, making it less responsive. too bad, because I love that tweak: you can do incredible things with it.
  • Barrel and such: this kind of tweak, using cool eye-candy, have also an impact on performance.

So here’s my top list:

  • AppSync and Installous: these two don’t require too much explanations. Here again, I like to try before I buy. And contrarily to Android based platforms, you can’t get test apps from the AppStore.
  • AirBlue: allows you to transfer almost anything over Bluetooth. I often use it to transfer pictures to my Mac.
  • biteSMS: to me, it’s a must-have. It replace Message application and is loaded with cool features, such as Quick Compose.
  • BlurriedNCBackground: a tiny cosmetic tweak that blurs your notification center, making it even more beautiful
  • FiveIconDock: allows you to stuff more icons in your dock.
  • FullScreen for Safari: iPhone’s display is not big enough sometimes, and this tweaks allows you to use safari in fullscreen mode.
  • iFile: this app is a powerful yet simple to use file manager for iOS. It embeds a WebDAV server so you can copy file to your phone easily
  • NCSettings: as I don’t want to use Activator, I can’t use SBSettings. It’s not a problem, and I think NCSettings is much more beautiful and practical
  • ProTube: Youtube App as it should have been! Here you can download videos and replay them offline!
  • SMS Ninja: this is a kind of firewall for your SMS/MMS and calls. You can filter them easily.
  • WeeKillBackground Pro: maybe one of the most useful. Most of the iPhone user don’t like its multitasking, as it decrease dramatically iOS’ performances. with this tweak, you won’t disable Multitasking (because you can’t), but control it. It allows you to close all backgrounded apps in a single touch. you can even to this automatically every X minutes!
  • WeeTrackData: another Notification Center plugin. This one tracks your amount of 3G data.
  • xBackup: one of the most important of all. It backups all of your Jailbreak apps and settings, stores them on a dedicated server and allows you to retrieve them when needed. And when you do so, you just need to touch a button, and it will add sources back to Cydia and reinstall everything!

Here’s a few pictures of some of the tweaks and apps above: