Raspberry Pi download station using PyLoad

Hi everyone

Tonight, I’m going to show you how you can transform a simple RaspberryPi card-sized computer into a powerful remote-controlled download station. This guide uses Raspbian OS, I advise you do the same.

First, ssh to your Pi:

New, we have to install liblept3. It can’t be done through apt-get commands, so we’ll have to do it manually:




Next comes some packages needed by PyLoad.

This should take a while. Then, download PyLoad:

And install it:

Now you can delete PyLoad installer:

Now, it’s time for first-launch setup. Cd to pyLoad’s directory:

And launch it:

You should get something like

You may want to install some missing features, such as unrar:

Once done, relaunch pyLoad, it should update activated plugins. Again, this should get a while!
Now, let’s access it through the web! Open your browser and type

You should get something!

Now, let’s configure login/password. Back to the command line, this command will allow you to edit users:

Ok, we’re almost done! Now, launch pyLoad as a service:

You’re done! Have fun!

  • Current build doesn’t seem to compile, there appear to be missing packages when I try to install the pyload service

    • deadbird

      That’s symptomatic of pyLoad. Try searching the web for the package you need and install it.

  • passerby

    followed your instructions to the word but : errno 32 broken pipe

  • passerby

    Its working from the command line better than nothing.Can you explain how to add the hot fodler plugin and get it working

  • pablo

    Great , all runs fine i had to change some things, install interpreter javascript like SpiderMonkey, but all went fine, thanks for tutorial and sorry for my english. Un saludo.

  • Is it possible to downloads files from mega.co.nz using pyload ?

  • I am interested in downloading Youtube, but I don’t seem to be getting it to download. Is there any special/different method to download Youtube clips.