Make your server tweet alerts, update #1

In a previous post I showed you how to make your server tweet alerts. I also told you that it would be a long series of posts, so here’s the second one!


In this post, I’ll show you two things. First, I made a few improvements over the first scripts I had made, the one that checks for updates and tweets you the result. Next, I’ll show you a second script I made.


I learnt a lots of things since my previous post so I made some improvements on

  • inserted a optional debug mode. When activated, the script prints out everything.
  • got rid of apt-check command, now I use simulation mode of “apt-get upgrade”, using “-s” parameter.
  • cleaned out the whole script.

I won’t post the result here as it is subject to change. To get the script, check out my GitHub.


Second script

I created a second script based on the very same idea: launch a command, retrieve its result, analyse it. This one checks if apache is running. If not, it tweets you an alert. This one’s name “”. It’s also on my GitHub.

That’s all for now! Have fun!