Boom beach: never be attacked!!

Hi fellas.

I’ve been playing Supercell’s Boom beach for a while now, and I’ve seen dozens and dozens of supposedly wrking “hacks” that promise you diamonds, resources and so on…All of them are reported as dirty hacks, some even try to steal your informations by installing crapware on your phone.

Here’s a “hack” involving a simple tool that works on jailbroken iOS Phones. The idea is to simulate touchscreen actions. This way, the game will never reload, thinking that you are always there playing. So nobody will ever attack you!

What you need here is a jailbroken iDevice and, of course, Cydia.

In Cydia, search for “Autotouch”. Select the correct version according to your iOS version:


Install it. Once done, launch “Autotouch App”. Tap “Settings” and affect activator actions for main control and start/stop. This way you will be able to trigger your script when needed:


As an example, I registered “Volume buttons: down, up” to trigger main control, “Volume buttons: both press” for start/stop. Once done, start Boom beach and trigger “main control”:



Now press “Record” and do a simple action. Moving the map back and forth is enough. One done, trigger main control again to stop recording. Go back to Autouch to view your script:



Tap it and select “Play settings” :


“Times” is how many times you want the script to be played. “Intervals” is the time between each run and “Speed” is…how fast you want it to run. If you want it to run a whole night long, input something like 480, 60, 1.0x (for eight hours).



Once done, go back to Boom Beach, trigger main control and launch the script. You’re done!

BTW: the app if not free. To run your scripts completely, you will have to pay a 5$ license!