rebuild a fusion drive

Hi everyone.
In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to rebuild a fusion drive.
I recently, upon fiddling a bit too far, screwed my iMac’s fusion drive. As often when I break my toys, I go through all seven steps of mourning:

  • shock: oh f$%k, it won’t boot anymore!
  • denial: I’m certainly missing something, let’s try again (and again, and again…).
  • anger then sadness: screw it! stupid computer! Aaaaaw come one, Apple will charge me bazillions to fix this!
  • resignation: ok, I tried everything, I’m really screwed!
  • acceptance and reconstruction: ok, let’s draw my best friend the Terminal and see what we can do…

Hopefully, every version on macOS comes with a handy set of commands that you can use to rebuild a fusion drive.
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Reinstall Script for macOS

macOS is shipped with a very powerful shell, allowing you to use command line whenever needed.

When you have to install an app from Internet, what do you do: search for it, download it, open DMG file, copy to Applications folder, unmount DMG and trash it. How boring!

I have thus created a tiny script that automates all of these actions. You will find it on my personal repository.

This tiny script is an example of how command line can make your life easier. It relies on Brew to install everything you need the easy way.

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