rebuild a fusion drive

Hi everyone.
In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to rebuild a fusion drive.
I recently, upon fiddling a bit too far, screwed my iMac’s fusion drive. As often when I break my toys, I go through all seven steps of mourning:

  • shock: oh f$%k, it won’t boot anymore!
  • denial: I’m certainly missing something, let’s try again (and again, and again…).
  • anger then sadness: screw it! stupid computer! Aaaaaw come one, Apple will charge me bazillions to fix this!
  • resignation: ok, I tried everything, I’m really screwed!
  • acceptance and reconstruction: ok, let’s draw my best friend the Terminal and see what we can do…

Hopefully, every version on macOS comes with a handy set of commands that you can use to rebuild a fusion drive.
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